Virtual Mail Services

Virtual mail services are a key part of USAMailAgent’s full-service mail solutions when you are constantly on the road, or if you have made another country your residence. Rely on fast, efficient, virtual access to all mailed communications you would normally receive in the United States. Once you choose a plan, your email forwarding service can begin immediately.

Fast, Easy, and Secure

Our virtual mail service includes a suite of solutions that give you instant, secure access to mail you would otherwise wait to receive at your door. This fast, secure method includes scanning important documents and communications, as well as package shipping labels, so that you can review items immediately, and notify us whether to forward, hold, or shred.

Competitive Price Points

We use the most up-to-date technology to make virtual mail services affordable and accessible for everyone. Arranging for frequent, immediate digital transmission of your mail is not only more secure and efficient, it can also save on costs associated with forwarding actual mail, including customs or other fees that can vary by country.

Virtual mail is convenient and mobile so that you can instantly access your information daily, wherever you are, choosing from our suite of virtual services to fit your needs.

Serving Clients Everywhere

Some countries have efficient mail and package consolidation and forwarding services in place, while others do not. If you will be traveling or living in a location with poor or limited delivery capabilities, then USAMailAgent’s virtual mail services are the right fit for you. Our experience means that we have built a global network of in-country providers to mesh with our technological systems, guaranteeing delivery to you wherever you are.

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