Terms Of Use

Signing up with USAMailAgent and subsequent activation of a Member’s account as well as use of any of the services provided by USAMailAgent signifies the Member’s express acceptance of the agreement set forth between the two parties as detailed here in the terms of use. Membership commences the day USAMailAgent receives Member’s application and successful payment. Membership is recurring and automatically billed on either a monthly or annual basis as you have selected during sign up until canceled in writing as noted below.

USAMailAgent reserves the right to modify its terms of use without prior notice. Members have the responsibility to periodically view USAMailAgent’s terms of use to be informed of any applicable changes. Additionally, continued Member access as well as use of USAMailAgent services signify express acceptance of the revised terms of use.

USAMailAgent strictly prohibits illegal activity by its Members. Any costs incurred by USAMailAgent, whether legal or otherwise, as a result of the enforcement of the law against a Member or a prospective Member will be the financial responsibility of the USAMailAgent Member or prospective Member.

Privacy Notice

A Member’s personal information that is not publicly available and that the Member submits to USAMailAgent such as name, residential address, contact numbers, and email address are all subject to USAMailAgent’s Privacy Policy.

Guidelines For Website Use

  • Users are prohibited from defaming, stalking, abusing, harassing, or violating the legal rights of others who utilize this Website.
  • Users are not allowed to post on the Website defamatory, obscene, indecent, or unlawful materials and content.
  • Users are prohibited from circumventing or subverting security mechanisms, or probe into the systems, networks, and accounts that are utilized in conjunction with this Website.
  • Users are not allowed to provide or disseminate personal information of individuals under 13 years of age that have been obtained from this Website.
  • Users are prohibited from disseminating personal information obtained from this Website without the express permission of the concerned persons.
  • Users are not allowed to access or try to access USAMailAgent’s technology systems, networks, files, account data, or attempt to access into the Website’s secure server.
  • Users are prohibited from uploading computer viruses, corrupted software or files, codes, or programs that may destroy the operation of another party’s computer.
  • Users are not allowed to post proprietary software on the Website unless users own the respective rights or hold appropriate consents to do so.
  • Users are prohibited from altering or deleting author attributions, proprietary designations and labels as well as legal notices that are posted, published, or uploaded to the Website.
  • Users are not allowed to implement forward surveys, commercial solicitations, chain letters and contests in behalf of USAMailAgent.

Terms Of Use

  • USAMailAgent will proffer a dedicated United States street address to the Member to which the latter can have mail and/or merchandise delivered.
  • USAMailAgent’s services comprise of receiving the Members mail and/or merchandise, which will then be consolidated, sorted out, packed, and forwarded to the specified Member local address. USAMailAgent may use an unaffiliated third party carrier and forwarder. Members will take care of any import obligations in the location to which mail and/or package will be sent.       
  • The Member authorizes USAMailAgent to charge payment for all the services as well as other applicable activities in the USAMailAgent Member account. These charges include but are not limited to consolidation and forwarding costs, return fees, storage expenses, late fees, and other optional services availed by the Member. Failure to provide payment may result in late fees, stop shipment penalties, service suspension, membership cancellation, and involuntary return or disposal of Member mail and/or merchandise.
  • Restricted or prohibited merchandise will not be stored and will be rejected, disposed, or surrendered by USAMailAgent to the government.   
  • Insurance for forwarding of mail and/or merchandise is based on the pre-agreed insured value. Additionally, insured value is subject to the carrier airway’s terms and conditions. USAMailAgent will review claims individually and will pay claims based on the mail and/or package’s declared value.
  • Members with claims for damaged or lost mail and/or package must be submitted within the time frame set by the forwarder or carrier. Claims are deemed filed once a duly filled claim form, supporting documentation like receipts, and photographs are received by USAMailAgent. USAMailAgent will then review the claims individually which will usually take at least 8 weeks. Particular merchandise have limited limits of liability regardless of the insurance paid or value declared. These include jewelries, computers, televisions, and other electronic merchandise.
  • Following successful payment, Monthly or Annual membership dues are recurring and will be billed to the payment method on file automatically at the end of either the monthly or annual term you have selected. A written request may be provided by the client at any time to halt or cease the benefit of these services. Such a request can be submitted to info@usamailagent.com with your account number referenced. That cancellation will go into effect within 30 days of the receipt of the request and any fees until that point are all non-refundable. Cancelled or non-USAMailAgent Members may be charged higher fees than those listed on the Website.
  • Members have the responsibility to ensure that sellers and merchants mark their respective mail and/or package with complete and correct address. Any mail and/or package that have incomplete, inaccurate, or old addresses will be rerouted back to the Sender or discarded by USAMailAgent without prior notice to the Members.

Compliance With Laws

  • It is the Member’s responsibility to provide USAMailAgent with all the necessary information as well as any documentary requirements to comply with applicable laws and rules and regulations in both the origin and destination countries.
  • Members are liable to make sure that prohibited or restricted items are not delivered to USAMailAgent. USAMailAgent reserves the right to have the packages returned to the sender, to submit the packages to appropriate government agencies, or to dispose of the package for any reason.
  • USAMailAgent Members are prohibited from handing out mail and/or merchandize to a Prohibited Person which means anyone who is a “blocked person,” “designated national,” “specially designated national,” “specially designated global terrorist,” “specially designated terrorist,” “specially designated narcotics trafficker,” or “foreign terrorist organization,” as defined by the Foreign Assets Control Regulations of the US Treasury Department, or any Persons who appear in the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons. Should USAMailAgent think for any reason that a Member or a mail and/or package recipient is potentially a Prohibited Person, USAMailAgent will request the Member to proffer adequate documentation to prove otherwise. Should USAMailAgent find the documentation to be insufficient or unsatisfactory, USAMailAgent reserves the right to cancel the Member’s account or remove the suspected Prohibited Person’s address from the Member’s account. USAMailAgent as well reserves the right to request a duly signed statement of assurance from the Member that signifies that the Member comprehends his or her obligations under the export laws of the United States of America.

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