How much does it cost to register to USAMailAgent?
How soon can I start using my USAMailAgent address and services?
Can my family and friends share my USAMailAgent account?
Is my USAMailAgent address a P.O. Box?

How can I add additional users to my account?
What currency are your fees and rates displayed in?
How can I make sure that I get all the email notifications from USAMailAgent?
Can I change my membership type anytime?
How can I change my membership type?
How do I close my USAMailAgent account?

Do I need to inform USAMailAgent of any incoming packages?
Can I receive mail and packages that are not addressed to my name?
Do you accept shipments from an individual?
Do you accept merchant invoices in currencies other than US Dollars?
Can you consolidate my items into one package?
Can I split the items in a package into more than one shipment?
Is there a size restriction on what USAMailAgent can ship?
What is your policy on items damaged in transit?

What is dimensional weight?
Can I expedite my shipment?
Can I receive my packages even if I am traveling?
Why do final shipping charges differ from the shipping calculator estimates?

Can I buy from retailers that are not listed in your online stores?

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