Partner with USAMailAgent and extend your e-commerce business’ reach to over millions of consumers in 200 countries worldwide.

Why Choose USAMailAgent

USAMailAgent is a long standing package consolidation and forwarding company with a vast logistical network set in different parts of the globe. Partner with us and out of country consumers you never thought of reaching will become accessible to you. With USAMailAgent providing fast and secure package consolidation and forwarding services, your e-commerce business will grow to heights you have never imagined possible before.


USAMailAgent’s Merchant Partner Program

E-commerce business owners typically shun the prospect of selling globally as doing so can be a logistical nightmare. This is no longer the case now as USAMailAgent provides a suite of services that e-commerce business owners can readily take advantage of.

  • Attractive incentive packages are provided for every client you refer. Not only will you earn directly from your e-commerce sales but through our merchant partner program as well.
  • Zero cost to the merchant. Simply register with USAMailAgent, put up the link on your own e-commerce website, and be head and shoulders above your fiercest business competitors.  
  • Practically zero fraud risk as USAMailAgent has an efficient international fraud screening mechanism in place.
  • Zero logistical requirements from the merchant as USAMailAgent takes care of all the consolidation, repacking, and forwarding needs.
  • No lengthy and tedious paperwork from the merchant’s end as USAMailAgent takes care of customs and export reports and other documentary requirements of the customer.
  • Fast and secure delivery of 2-4 days to over 200 countries around the world so you will never have to worry about having your e-commerce business’ reputation getting tarnished because of inefficient forwarding.


USAMailAgent’s Referral Program

Imagine just how much you can earn for spreading the word about USAMailAgent. Simply tell your friends, trusted readers, customers and employees about USAMailAgent and just how easily they can obtain the US products they have long known and loved with our help. And in no time you will have earned attractive incentive packages through every referral that successfully become USAMailAgent members. A whole host of advantages can be had from partnering with us as well.

  • Recommend USAMailAgent and you are instantly partnering with a reputable and long established leader in the package consolidation and forwarding industry.
  • Receive attractive incentives for every referral who proceeds to become a USAMailAgent member.
  • Boost your very own online presence as links from USAMailAgent back to your respective website can be set up once you have become one of our company’s preferred partners.
  • Be known for providing a reputable, secure, and efficient package consolidation and forwarding service to your friends, readers, employees and customers.


USAMailAgent has long been serving individuals and business entities alike in over 200 countries worldwide. So why wait when you can readily partner with the trusted leader in package consolidation and forwarding industry?


Contact us today and see just how much more you can increase your profits simply by partnering with USAMailAgent!

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