What is a Virtual Mail Service?

img Not everyone can be sitting at a mailbox in the U.S., waiting for a letter to arrive. Virtual mail services allow you to receive your important correspondence wherever you happen to be. With this service, you can see what comes to you via U.S. mail, from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. How It Works First, you will work with the service to establish a verifiable U.S. postal address. You then use this valid address as your own for postal correspondence. When mail arrives, the service scans your letters and communications into digital format and posts it onto a secure website. From there, you can access the digital copies of your mail from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, wherever you happen to be. Your physica (Read More ...)

How to Save Money when Shopping in the U.S.

img Many products are far cheaper in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. Shoppers can take advantage of buying from stores directly, avoiding many of the taxes and tariffs imposed on U.S. goods sold in other countries. Additionally, shopping directly from U.S. stores via the Internet using a mail service allows consumers to get access to products that simply aren't available outside the U.S. How can consumers get even better prices at U.S. stores? Get a U.S. Mailing Address to Qualify for Free Shipping Deals Many online retailers offer free shipping to U.S. customers, but do not make the same offer to international shoppers. By establishing a verifiable U.S. shipping address, you can get the free shipping offers available at U.S (Read More ...)

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