What Is Mail and Package Consolidation?

img For non-U.S. residents and U.S. citizens living or traveling abroad, mail and package consolidation makes shopping from U.S. stores possible and less costly. Instead of having to pay for each package to be shipped separately, smaller packages, letters, and other mail can be bundled into larger boxes and sent to you wherever you live or work. This mail service allows you to shop at any U.S.-based store or website, even if the website does not allow for shipping or accept payment from foreign customers. Here is what mail and package consolidation is and how it works. Get a Real Street Address The first requirement is a verifiable, legitimate street address within the U.S. where you can have packages sent to. This address is the one you (Read More ...)

How to Shop U.S. Based Stores Internationally

img Do you live outside the U.S., but still want to buy premium American-made goods without paying high taxes and tariffs? Have you been denied the ability to order products from U.S. based retailers because your payment method wasn't approved? Are you a U.S. citizen living abroad, missing the merchandise and stores you enjoyed back home? If so, learn how to shop U.S. based stores internationally and get the goods you want for less. Get a U.S. Shipping Address The first criteria many stores look for before agreeing to ship merchandise is a verifiable U.S. shipping address. This address assures the company that they don't have to worry about international shipping costs, which is often the reason they refuse to ship their wares out (Read More ...)

How to Ship U.S. Goods Internationally

img Many items from the United States are sold elsewhere, but with heavy tariffs and taxes, and other goods are simply not available outside U.S. stores. However, international shoppers do not have to pay the high tariffs or do without -- there are services available to help international shoppers get the same great merchandise for the same low prices offered to customers in the States. Here is how to get those great deals and have your merchandise shipped internationally. Get a Verifiable U.S. Address The first step is to secure a verifiable U.S. shipping address. With this address you can shop at any U.S. based store without revealing you are an international shopper. This means you will qualify for any special deals only offered to U.S (Read More ...)

Benefits of a Personal Shopper Service

img If you do much shopping online, there comes a time when you'd really like to take advantage of all those stores and discounts available to U.S. shoppers. But most stores won't accept foreign payments, and almost none offer free shipping and other discounts to shoppers outside the States. It can take hours -- sometimes days -- to find what you're looking for at a reasonable price. There has to be a better alternative! There is: a personal shopper service. You Can Buy from Virtually Any U.S. Based Store or Website A personal shopper takes your order and then does the busywork of finding the best price on that item for you. They can shop from any U.S. retailer or auction site and make the payment for you in U.S. dollars. Each (Read More ...)

How to Obtain a Verifiable Physical U.S. Mailing Address

img U.S. businesses are growing increasingly difficult to do business with if you don't have a verifiable physical address within the States. What exactly is this, and how can you get one? A U.S. mail service is what you need. What a Verifiable Physical Address Is A verifiable physical address is merely an address that people can look up to determine it exists. There are a number of ways to do this. Typically, businesses (or people, for that matter) will look up the address through the United States Postal Service database to verify it exists. Alternately, they can use geocoding (such as that offered by Google Maps), or another database offered by a third party vendor, such as Melissa Data. Once verified as a real physical address (Read More ...)

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