How American Military Families can Adjust to Living Overseas

img There are American military families stationed in over 130 countries around the world. Some service personnel requested their overseas assignments, while others merely answered the call of duty when it came. These families need a lot of support, including strong relationships, USA mailing services for packages and letters, and some reminders of life back home. Here's how military families can survive -- even thrive! -- during their overseas deployments. Get Connected with Other Military or American Families Chances are, you aren't the only U.S. military family stationed where you are. Use the social opportunities offered on base to meet and connect with other families. These parents can be a ready-made support system of friend (Read More ...)

5 of the Best Shopping Sites in the U.S.

img U.S. websites offer everything, from high-end sports shoes, to excellent office products and the latest games and movies. Are you looking for great deals on U.S. products, without having to pay exorbitant taxes and levies, or facing product restrictions? Here are the top U.S.-based websites to shop at, and how to get these products and prices through international package forwarding services, even if you don't live inside the States. 1. Staples Staples has one of the world's best selections of office and home office supplies, including the latest tech devices and furniture. Whether you're remodeling your home office, looking to score the latest HP printer, or just need to stock up on basic supplies for the workplace, Stapl (Read More ...)

How to Manage Your Affairs while Living Abroad

img Deciding to move abroad, whether for education or leisure or work, is a big step. Thrilling, slightly frightening, always interesting -- living outside the U.S. brings certain challenges when it comes to managing your affairs, such as dealing with property you own, handling your mail services, and staying in touch via phone or the Internet. Here are the steps you can take to make this transition less troublesome, so you can enjoy your stay elsewhere. Decide Whether to Keep or Sell Property Property, including homes, land, automobiles, and other assets, can be handled in one of two ways. You can opt to lease it out, or you can keep it. If you have no solid plans for returning to the States, selling the property is your best option, bec (Read More ...)

What is International Mail Forwarding and How Does it Work?

img Taking an extended trip or moving out of the U.S. is made easier with the aid of a good mail forwarding service. An outgrowth of today’s mobile society gone global, the demand for international forwarding of mail and packages has grown. We are used to having all communications at our fingertips, but when we need hard documents and three-dimensional packages, there can be obstacles to staying connected back home. The best way to ensure that you never miss an important communication or package is to arrange for international mail forwarding before you leave the U.S. If you are on the fence about the value of the service, consider some key factors when making a choice. Relocating Out of the U.S. – A Permanent or Temporary (Read More ...)

Benefits of Mail Management Services when Traveling Abroad

img Are you traveling the world? Contracting for the government or business? Stationed overseas? Enjoying an extended visit with relatives abroad? Whatever your business outside the United States, your business here goes on. You still have bills to pay, still need your favorite socks, and still have to order necessary supplies. How can you manage this from so far away? A mail management service is ideal for your situation. Receive Your Mail or Packages Anywhere From the power bill, to your W-2, to the notice that it's time to renew your storage unit, business doesn't stop for you just because you're away. With a mail forwarding service, you can have your mail sent to a verifiable U.S. address, and then sent to you wherever you (Read More ...)

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