Get Started on a Grand Holiday Shopping Spree

img Dickens got it all right; but old Scrooge was totally wrong! 90 percent of US citizens join in the celebration of Christmas and really warm up to the yuletide. Christmas is indisputably the most admired holiday celebrated among Americans, outranking other holidays. Key Christmas activities revolve around gifts, decorations, parties and meals. Some of them would 'elf themselves', trim a tree, 85 percent of Americans exchange gifts, 78 percent decorate their homes, and the most gratifying core activities at the holidays seem to revolve around connecting with others. Make your Christmas purchases more fun Americans love to show their Christmas spirit. It's incomplete without shopping for gifts and exchanging them, buying (Read More ...)

Perfect Antidote to Restore Work-Life Balance

img Americans work really hard. Weekends seem like work-ends. With their Android phones switched on 24/7, they think vacations aren't for workaholics. So they don’t take a few days off. Or maybe take work along with them if they do. But taking vacation not only makes one happier and healthier, it does that to everyone around them. Life would be better. When people go on a soothing vacation, they tend to return better-off and more relaxed. And those good, mellow vibes, spread everywhere like a contagion to everybody they come in contact with. Giving the work worries a break Lots of options exist for the work martyrs to relax. A walk along pristine beaches or simply sitting on a pier by a calm lake can be relaxing; and feeling of bein (Read More ...)

Cushion the Impact of Expatriation Through Planning

img Is it time to say 'goodbye' to Uncle Sam for an indefinite period of time? For many US citizens, this is a reality and can happen every once in a while. Based on an inadequate amount of data coupled with an intelligent guesswork, the number of US citizens stationed abroad, either on a temporary or permanent basis, is over 6 million. That's surprisingly high, isn't so? Whatever might be the reason, severing ties completely is a bit difficult. Missing home wouldn't seem too unnatural, since what's being talked about here is residing at a place different from home. Get your preferred goods instantly Staying abroad can make you miss the products that were easily available in the US. Either you want it badly or just (Read More ...)

Stay Connected to Your Roots as You Fly Overseas

img The great American myth regarding passports is broken! Can anyone lead people to believe that native US residents travel less compared to their European counterparts? Of course, not! By doing a proper math, and by doing away with erroneous assumptions, the true story is quite striking. Over 110 million US citizens have valid passports and nearly 40 percent of trips were 'strictly' for business. Facts are difficult to keep in mind, but they never fail to reveal the real picture. But these frequent fliers often have a hard time managing everything away from home. Perhaps a little help with their essential mail would be nice. Seems right? Staying tuned through mail forwarding What about the mailed communications that keep piling (Read More ...)

Managing Your Business Affairs while Studying Abroad

img Studying in another country is a spectacular opportunity! Not only will you learn interesting new subjects, you'll be submerged into a new culture and possibly even a new language, meaning your learning opportunities are literally endless. But being away from your home country for an extended time is challenging, and sometimes even a bit scary. You'll need to arrange for financial assistance, set up mail forwarding services, and plan for emergencies. Here's how to make sure your personal business is attended to while you're away. Apply for Grants and Scholarships Money is usually a primary concern for those studying abroad. Grants and scholarships are available to alleviate much of the expense, so be sure to apply for (Read More ...)

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